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Total Home Energy Systems

Booth: 94 Hall
11 Henry Street
St. Jacobs ON, N0B 2N0

Miscellaneous Information

TOTAL Sustainable Energy Systems, TSES, was founded by the need to provide a special team to help our customers with their special heating and cooling systems. Hot water, Radiant Floor, Geothermal, Heat Pumps and Tankless Water Heaters are all systems we design, install and service.

Traditional forced air furnaces and air conditioners will always dominate in our market when fuel prices where low, however the prudent homeowner will investigate alternative systems as fuel prices rise.

When the word efficiency is rated in the top 3 project requirements for new or retrofit projects customers know TSES has the solutions.

The word sustainable refers to using quality products and energy efficient designs for a sustainable service life.

Located in St. Jacobs, we are a local company, with all the founders growing up in the K-W region. Knowing the importance of being accountable and responsible to our customers our service range can extend only as far as our 24 hour service team can travel.

Our 3 unique selling points are:

  1. We only install products who’s companies have over 20 years of manufacturing experience and have the products in service for over 5 years
  2. We install exactly as codes and installation manuals require
  3. Workmanship has a lifetime warranty with unsurpassed neatness.