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Liquid Feeds International Ltd.

Booth: 32 Arena
715647 County Road 4
Innerkip ON, N0J 1M0
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Miscellaneous Information

Liquid Feeds International (1986) Ltd is a Canadian owned company located in Innerkip, Ontario, just outside the dairy and livestock capital region of Canada. Liquid Feeds International (LFI) provides molasses based liquid feed supplements to the dairy, feed mill industries and more recently organic acid based liquid products to the Ontario swine sector. LFI exclusively sources high quality sugar cane molasses from Louisiana and also blends in locally sourced liquid corn and milk co-products (corn steep liquor, condensed distillers solubles and whey) to provide nutritionally sound products for Canadian dairy, beef and swine producers. In addition, LFI provides the premium mill mix molasses product, Gold Coat, for feed manufacturers who want to provide the highest quality texturized feeds for horses, calves and show animals.

Having been in the liquid feeding sector since 1986, LFI has seen many changes in this business and is now seeing a resurgence to liquid feeding as not only a palatability enhancer, but also a better way to complete a Total Mixed Ration with the delivery of a wide variety of nutrients and additives such as vitamins, minerals and new specialty additives. Ease of use, favourable costs and also healthy and efficient livestock are some of the many reasons producers are making the transition to liquid feeds.

Our business is liquid feeds – easy to use, cost effective and great tasting with excellent performance for your livestock. Take a look at what Liquid Feeds International has to offer you and your operation.